Oyo hotel chain creates more "slash bosses" with efficient operation mode

2019/10/22 10:49:58
"Slash youth" means people who do not meet the lifestyle of "single occupation" but choose to have multiple occupations and identities. Now, the trend has gradually spread to the hotel industry. Thanks to the human liberation brought by the efficient operation mode, more and more owners who join the OyO Hotel chain have more time to work in other fields, and the proportion of "slash boss" group is growing among them.
OyO Hotel chain originated in India, operates hotels in the mode of franchise, entrusted management and leasing. Since entering the Chinese market in November 2017, it has expanded rapidly and occupied a certain share in the domestic hotel market. In June 2019, on the basis of the original operation mode, OyO Hotel chain launched the "2.0 version" operation mode, which helps the participating hotel owners operate the hotel more efficiently on the premise of ensuring the revenue.
It is understood that the main highlights of the "version 2.0" operation mode are the minimum guarantee policy and the intelligent price adjustment system. Based on accurate assessment and prediction of hotel revenue, the minimum guarantee policy is designed for each participating hotel to realize the deep bundling and supply of both sides; the intelligent price adjustment system integrates big data analysis, regional average price, market dynamics and other factors to automatically price the hotel, and ultimately realize the growth of RevPAR (revenue per rentable room) and total revenue.
"Version 2.0" operation mode has achieved remarkable results after being launched. With the rapid growth of the number of contracts signed, the overall occupancy rate of 2.0 hotel is as high as 80%, and the refined operation capacity is continuously enhanced. This efficient operation mode has also caused extensive discussion inside and outside the industry. The two values of Oyo and the track of the stock hotel market are: first, it can help the online rate of the whole hotel industry to improve; second, it does attract more capital attention to the hotel industry. The intervention of OyO Hotel chain can make people more see the in-depth change of the data revolution and AI revolution to the hotel, and bring new development wind to the hotel industry.